The Three Statistics That Every Downtown Should Live By

By Roger Brooks
Published: April 30, 2012

I call this the 7-8-7 rule because of the three most important statistics that make a downtown a successful and vibrant destination. Think of your favorite destination downtowns. Are they beautiful? Do they feel safe? Are there things to do after 6:00 pm?

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Census 2010: Why The Urban Core Matters

By Ennis Davis
Published: April 12, 2011

Recent census results indicate that educated, young adults are flocking to urban core neighborhoods throughout the country, including those cities with significant population decline.

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Sardine Life

By Justin Davidson
Published April 3, 2011
New York Magazine

New York didn’t invent the apartment. Shopkeepers in ancient Rome lived above the store, Chinese clans crowded into multistory circular tulou, and sixteenth-century Yemenites lived in the mud-brick skyscrapers of Shibam. But New York re-invented the apartment many times over, developing the airborne slice of real estate into a symbol of exquisite urbanity. Sure, we still have our brownstones and our townhouses, but in the popular imagination today’s New Yorker occupies a glassed-in aerie, a shared walk-up, a rambling prewar with walls thickened by layers of paint, or a pristine white loft.

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