New York City Seeks Smaller, Smarter Apartments

By Nino Marchetti
Published: July 18, 2012
Sustainable Cities Collective

Could you get by with just 300 square feet of living space? New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that if he were a younger man, he’d be happy to live in such a “micro-unit” — and recently, he launched adAPT NYC, a design competition aimed at bringing a whole lot of these tiny apartments to the Big Apple.

The competition was designed to engage the private sector in creating smart, small apartment units to accommodate the city’s growing population, which already tops eight million and is expected to grow by a million more in the years to come. Intersecting nicely with Bloomberg’s PlaNYC launched in 2007 — created specifically to address the needs of these new residents while cutting the city’s carbon footprint – the idea here is to cut down on the rampant practice of illegal subdivision in the city, and create more affordable housing for the city’s singles (and cozy couples) in the process.

Read the rest of the article here


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