Parks and Re-Creation: The Revitalizing Power of Parks in Cities

By Ucce Agada
Published: September 13, 2012
Sustainable Cities Collective

Amidst the automobile infested concrete space of most modern cities (and if, like me, you’re in Chicago, the uncivil pigeon population) are spaces which allow for community to really happen. I’m talking about parks. Parks are awesome! With access to open space, parks not only provide an outlet from our fast-paced society; they serve our neighborhoods through design, providing a natural habitat, serene experiences, and opportunities for community engagement.

There are many benefits from investing in green space; much of which can only happen through creating and maintaining parks in cities. Parks generate economic, physical and social benefits, creating stronger community ties and transforming cities by awakening vital senses of city dwellers. Many cities, in efforts to revitalize themselves, incorporate a park as part of that revitalization. This is because community leaders, city planners and architects understand the positive effects that parks and open green space have on people.

Read the rest of the article here


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